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Ladies. Rejoice! A New Bra is Here to Solve All Your Problems, From Support to Strap Irritation and Sweat.


by Marina Fowler | 15/06/2024

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Are you tired of not being able to wear your beautiful low cut or open back dress? Do you want to stop having to buy a new bra to fit every new outfit you want to wear? Do you want that nice firm lift to make you look better in everything? Well then girl, do I have a treat for you today.

Girls, I know. Bras can be really annoying. I feel your pain. But what can we do. There’re so many design out there, strapless, backless, push up, no bra at all, but they all have their own drawbacks on top of their advantages, and there just never has been a working design that had all the benefits in one package.

Until now. There is now a way to both have the lift of a pushup bra, the comfort of the strapless and the confidence of no bra at all! Let me tell you all about it…

Driving Europe Crazy? Really?

It’s called the Magic Wonda Bra, a new revolutionary sticky bra design that’s already selling like hotcakes across Europe and is beginning its worldwide release after its breathtaking success.

With top-shelf sweat proof materials, that leave you feeling cool and comfy, and medical grade, nonirritating, sticking gel that is both ultra-powerful, able to handle breasts of any sizes.

It is remarkably easy to put on, take off and clean. Never before has putting on a bra been so painless and seamless. Truly this is the secret weapon to make all your friends gasp in awe.

Sticky Bra? Does It Actually Work?

When I got my review unit, I was super skeptical. I’ve heard of older types of bras that tried to do the same thing the Magic Wonda Bra claims to do, but they would always fail at the slightest introduction of sweat or movement that wasn’t a very slow and careful walk.

The sticky gel is nice and cool and helps with the sweat proof material to make it a surprisingly comfortable wear. They of course also cover the entire nipple area so no need to worry about the cold.

The most remarkable thing I found is just how free I felt when trying it on. Somehow both lifting and holding them firm but giving them freedom at the same time. It’s a feeling that’s really hard to describe that you have to experience yourself to understand.

And for someone with smaller breasts like myself, the push up function being supplemented by the slight cup size increase from the padding is a very much desired plus.

So let’s recap what the Magic Wonda Bra delivers:

 Invisible and seamless – No one will even notice it’s there, looks natural and you don’t need to worry about your nipples.

✅ A much needed lift – a perfect pushup bra. Looks natural and the medical grade adhesive is remarkably powerful as well as hypoallergenic and safe to use! Great even if you have sensitive skin!

✅ Easily washable – wash it and reuse it over and over without fear. The silicone gel will not lose effectiveness and the bra will be good as new!

✅ Sweat and water repellent – very high quality materials and the nice cooling effect of the silicone gel make this bra unbelievably comfortable to wear.

✅ Great for any size – small, medium, large, it doesn’t matter for Magic Wonda Bra!

✅ Powerful grip – Reiterating this as its own feature point because of how important it is. It holds so well I was able to dance in it!

You heard that last one right. During my entire busy and active day, which included quite a bit of exercise, I did not need to readjust Magic Wonda Bra or feel it slipping off even once!

So I obviously got mine for free, but how much will my friends need to pay for an Magic Wonda Bra? The original price of the Magic Wonda Bra is just 59 €. Considering this bra can single handedly replace your entire bra wardrobe, it is quite literally a bargain, but it gets so much better! Magic Wonda Bra are having a sale in celebration of the worldwide launch, giving a 50% discount across the board and free worldwide shipping! You can now get your Magic Wonda Bra for just 29 €.

I was legitimately skeptical in the beginning but Magic Wonda Bra really managed to turn me around 180 degrees. Sticky bras are the future!

Conclusions: Should You Get the Magic Wonda Bra?

Overall Rating


Push Up Effect
Value of Money

Absolutely 100%!

Is this even a real question? Yes. If you want to look amazing and be comfortable while doing so, and if you don’t, frankly I’d love to hear your logic as to why, you absolutely want a pair of these. Magic Wonda Bra is Absolutely amazing.

Where Can You Buy The Magic Wonda Bra?

Now that you know about this amazing new bra, you’re probably itching to know how to get one, so here’re the simple steps:

    1. Order an original Magic Wonda Bra from the official website by clicking here.
    2. Wow your friends, peers, potential suitors and feel great while doing so!

TIP: The discount means that Magic Wonda Bra is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!

Georgia L.


I just had to share my experience. I wore them with my open back black dress to a friend’s wedding and they were just perfect. Invisible, natural shape, comfortable and they actually held! I danced all night at the wedding and it actually held together no problem! I thought these things weren’t supposed to work!

Erica D.


OMG I LOVE Magic Wonda Bra! My breasts are really small and my entire closet is basically all pushup bras, but they’re so uncomfortable!!! And hot! These little pasties are amazing they make my breasts look great and natural! I love them!

Martha P.


I love wearing open back sundresses in the summer but I just hate wearing them with bras and trying to find a solution has been my pet peeve for years. I was really skeptical this one would work but decided to give it a try. It works girls, it really does. Made this summer the best one I’ve ever had!